Francisca, pronto me llamare Luna, 06 de Enero del 99, Chile.
Variada de música, potterhead, lluvia, noche, audífonos, libros, luna.
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Crater lake at sunset. I feel spoiled out here.


anger, jealousy, bitterness, tiredness, hope, lust, love. yet another playlist for effy stonem.

i. bad girls//m.i.a. | ii. tiffany blews//fall out boy | iii. arabella//arctic monkeys | iv. brain stew//green day | v. laura palmer//bastille | vi. the sharpest lives//my chemical romance | vii. car radio//twenty one pilots | viii. despair//yeah yeah yeahs | ix. bird song//florence + the machine | x. tear you apart//she wants revenge | xi. hardest of hearts//florence + the machine | xii. heavy metal heart//sky ferreira | xiii. tautou//brand new | xiv. me//the 1975 | xv. hundred dollar bill//lana del rey | xvi. glory and gore//lorde | xvii. she’s thunderstorms//arctic monkeys

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Photo by Jeremiah Probodanu.